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Robotic Drums

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A Drum Synth with a Probability Sequencer

Robotic Drums is a clearly laid-out Drum Synth with a Probability Sequencer for iPad and iPhone. It has Audiobus, Midi clock and Dropbox support.

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Sound Cells

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An interactive, generative music app.

Sound Cells is an interactive, generative music app capable of creating its own sounds or generating midi to drive other external or iOS synths. Sound Cells also supports Audiobus for inter-app audio communication.

Sound Cells supports iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

Beat Shuffler

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An on-the-fly loop slicer for the iPad.

Beat Shuffler is an on-the-fly loop slicer for the iPad. It then allows you to trigger those slices, always on time. At its core, it is inspired by the mlrv app, for the Monome and other hardware grid devices.


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An automated oscillator bank.

Droner is a simple virtual synthesizer that combines 4 oscillators with frequency and volume controls to create haunting sine based drone sounds. The volume controls can also be automated for endless variations of automatic drone sound generation. It supports Audiobus.

Other Apps

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A monophonic synthesizer with a full-featured voice architecture and a configurable ribbon-style keyboard.



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